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Torque Wrench Calibration Equipment

Torque-CheckerIn all applications the operating display is always the nearest to operator. William Tools Torque Wrench Calibration Equipment enables precise and comfortable operation, and great functions can help you check the accuracy of torque wrenches.

Inaccurate torque may cause damages when dealing with high precision engineering. There're more and more users calibrate their own torque wrenches by themselves. It saves time to do fine-tuning fix on your own and also no need to send the tools a long way back to manufactory.


  1. Digital Value Display.
  2. Three Lever LED Torque Indication.
  3. Triple Mode and Units :kg·m/N·m/lbf·ft Torque Checker features
  4. Auto Hibernation after 3 Minutes
  5. Data Save and USB Transfer Cable.Torque Checker features
  6. Power Supplied by Batteries or USB Transfer Cable. Torque Checker features
  7. Suitable for Clockwise and Counter-clockwiseTorque Checker features.
  8. Operation in Both Horizontal and Vertical PlaneTorque Checker features.


Torque Checker Specifications
Part No. Square Drive Torque Range Fine Scale Incertitude Length
Weight Enquiry
33301 3/8" 3.5-35 N·m 0.1 unit ±1% 400 mm
510 mm
230 mm
3.2 kg
33401 1/2" 30-350 N·m 0.1 unit ±1% 400 mm
510 mm
230 mm
4.4 kg
33601 3/4" 100-1000 N·m 0.1 unit ±1% 400 mm
510 mm
230 mm
5.4 kg


Impact Wrench Torque Meter

Screen Torque Wrench
  1. Liquid Pressure Structure.
  2. Switch Bar
  3. Adapters
  4. Steady Base and Immovable Locking Setting
Torque Meter Specifications
Part No. Square Drive Length
Weight Enquiry
33011 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" 290 mm
260 mm
155 mm
25.5 kg


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